The First ERC20 Token Generated By Decentralized AI

Generated via Bittensor AI

Kizuna is a Decentralized Autonomous Perpetual Community created with the principles of Unity, Self-Determination, and Collective Self-Accountability.

Tax Free Transactions

Enjoy the Benefits of Zero Taxes on all transactions. Complete decentralization on all fronts.

100% Fully Decentralized

There are no central teams or authorities controlling the project. Instead, the Kizuna Krew community takes charge of decision-making and governance.


Experience the capabilities of Kizuna with AI-powered image & text generation through KizunaTensor.

Empowerment & Security

The irrevocable burn of 100% of the liquidity pool, Additionally, 50% of the total supply has been allocated to Ryoshi, embodying our commitment to equal distribution.

Join The Kizuna Krew

Here's to the Kizuna Krew! Join our community, where we share a common bond.


Liquidity is locked forever in a smart contract that collects Uniswap V3 trading fees. KIZUNA tokens are periodically burnt to the 0xdEaD address.




*Second only to Ryoshi/SHIB deployer


Historical Milestones



Chapter Three


Leveraging Bittensor

Powered by decentralized mining in the TAO network, Kizuna Tensor combines advanced AI technology with blockchain rewards

AI Image and Text Telegram Bot

Unlock the power of the Kizuna Tensor - the cutting-edge image and text generator fueled by Bittensor.

Exclusively utilising Corcel

KizunaTensor is able to generate text and images with exceptional quality due to the Corcel integration.


Chapter Three


Residing on Bittensor

In an era where change is at the forefront of our collective consciousness, Kizuna Guardians are together embarking on a path with an ambition to redefine the boundaries of decentralized AI. Lovelace, is a first implementation of this mission.

An Open Platform for Discovery

Lovelace stands as an open platform, inviting all who are curious and passionate about the infinite possibilities of AI assisted code. It is designed to drive perpetual improvement and fine-tuning of AI models trained on pure code datasets.

Accessible Technical Expertise for All

With Lovelace, anyone, regardless of their technical background, can tap into globally unbeatable coding assistance, levelling the playing field and fostering a more opportunistic decentralized world.

"join teh krew"

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